An introduction to the second most popular cryptocurrency

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Since I’ve published The Bitcoin Thesis for Beginners on December 9th, Bitcoin has more than doubled in price from 18,XXX to hitting 41,XXX. At the time of writing it’s somewhere in the low 3X,XXX.

Many people on the retail side who are now looking to expose their portfolios to cryptocurrencies are now psychologically priced out of Bitcoin (BTC) in the short term and looking to other cryptocurrencies to invest in due to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The primary ‘other cryptocurrency’ is Ethereum (ETH).

They shipped too early and are now added to the list of 2020 victims

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A lot of people who’ve built successful products and companies will say ambition is great but timing is the ultimate difference maker.

During 2019’s E3 we watched everyone’s favorite human Keanu Reeves deliver a presentation that had the gaming community the most excited its ever been. There was going to be a new game coming out by the creators of the successful The Witcher franchise that won a ton of awards and even had a Netflix series created from its success.

What followed for the next 18 months was hype from the gaming community that rivaled that of Grand…

A starter guide to understanding Bitcoin

Over the past month, I’ve had a lot of friends and family start asking me about cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin. It was something that I was extremely excited about 3 years ago and I’m one of the ones that was lucky enough to hold even up till today.

The Bitcoin/crypto rabbit hole goes deep. Sometimes doing your own in depth research in the age of unlimited content can lead you in circles and give you analysis paralysis so what I thought I’d do is write a breakdown and explain the most important parts of Bitcoin as simple as possible.

Quick Intro To Bitcoin

Bitcoin is…

Why I’ve struggled with content in a paused year

I’m slowly confronting why I haven’t been writing as much and if you’re also a writer you might feel the same.

I’m sure for almost everyone around the world, 2020 has been a shit show. The pandemic has been a nightmare to handle, but honestly if it was only a pandemic it wouldn’t be that bad.

For those who write frequently and are trying to come up with content ideas, you can’t help but go on the internet and read other content and news for inspiration. …

What Tesla needs to do to justify it’s current valuation

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The hottest company of the year

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that Tesla is the most talked about company of the year, most notably for their stock price.

The thing has gone bananas and it has created FOMO like no other. Below is a chart for illustration.

Here’s where they’re at now

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Around a month ago I published a post called “Web Scraping Crypto Prices With Python” which I believed would help people get the data they need to do their own analysis before investing in cryptocurrencies.

In addition to trying to help other people, I had a firm belief that there would be a bull run coming soon with the rise of DeFi and global craziness surrounding monetary policy. I didn’t know for sure and was only guessing, but in hindsight I was on the money.


3 charts to keep the bears at bay

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I’m sure that by now you’ve probably come across several Medium articles that are implying that we’re in a bubble and there is an impending crash of the stock market.

And I understand why that sentiment exists, I really do. The pandemic tore us a new one. We had a record surge in unemployment and small businesses were shutting down left and right. If we look at traditional economic cycles, valuations of specific assets, and the overall growth rate of the stock market, it feels like we’re due a big adjustment. However, there are signs that it won’t happen.



Important knowledge for the next few years

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With the large amount of stimulus we’ve generated both in the last economic crisis of 2008 and now in 2020, we find ourselves in tremendous debt. Of course, there are no easy ways to get out of the hole we’re in, and we’ll be talking about potential solutions for years to come. There will be discussions everywhere centered around increasing taxes, more stimulus on top of what has already been applied, and inflation.

These terms and concepts took time for me to grasp and they are certainly not easy to understand for anyone who only just begins learning. …

I became happier and more productive as a result

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I came into this year with huge expectations. I ended 2019 on a semi positive note and was excited about what this decade had in store. I’m sure I’m not alone. Towards the end of the holidays it feels like everyone was upbeat and optimistic for 2020.

And then 2020 happened.

This year is self explanatory for everyone. I feel like after this year is over, we’ll be referencing it for the rest of our lives and hopefully by then we’ll all be in a more positive mood.

It’s hard to admit I was far from mentally healthy from March…

This is the most beautiful soup

Illustrated by Bryan Feng (Author)

Recently I was looking for some data from a website to do my own analysis on cryptocurrencies. I believe there’s probably going to be a large bull run coming soon and I wanted to do my own analysis to capture gainz when the time comes.

As always, if you want to do good analysis, you need good data. For cryptocurrencies, look no further than CoinMarketCap.

You don’t always need APIs

Traditionally we’d like to use an API to fetch data, but we all know that APIs are designed with limitations for the free user. The free plan of most APIs are just there to tease…

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